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Dredging Hose and Floating Equipment

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About Alfa Mandiri

Our history started from a very long time ago. Established in year 2000 we have provided satisfactory supply and services to all industrial clients: Petrochemicals, Power Generation, Food and Beverage, Pulp and Paper, Automotive, Marine and Oil & Gas.

Our Products


Dredging Hose – Big Diameter

Flexible rubber dredging suction hose are mainly used for waterway dredging. Suck and discharge the silt, slurry, sand and stone which deposited in the waterway. Flexible floating rubber dredging suction hose can extend distance of dredging. Our hoses have good performance in resistance of corrosion, high pressure, bending and abrasion. […]

Ducting Hitam Alfa Mandiri


Ducting Hitam bermaterial Polyester katun, di coating kimia tahan panas hingga suhu 210  °C Keunggulan: – Ringan, Lentur, Fleksibel – Tepat dipakai untuk pembuangan udara panas/blower,dan pembuangan udara dingin s/d – 25  °C – Temperatur – 25  °C s/d 210  °C Ketersediaan: Ukuran terkecil  ½” hingga terbesar  30”

Ducting Merah


Hot Air Ducting Ducting merah high temperature yang dapat mengantisipasi suhu dari -25 DegC s/d 300 DegC di coating dengan silicone dan fibre cloath Terdiri atas dua (lapisan), lapisan dalam terbuat dari fibre cloath warna silver dan lapisan luar dengan coating silicone hingga memungkinkan dilalui udara/blower dengan panas antara 200  DegC hingga […]


PT. Alfa Mandiri – Indonesian Hose Manufacturer

Alflex Hose is our new products beside the Spirraflex and Admiral Hose. Above pictures have describe you the specification and the application disignation.

built in floating hose

Built-in Floating Hose

Alfa Mandiri also manufactures Built-in Floating Hose for Oil Transfer, Dregging Activity and other applications. Just remember the name: Alfa Mandiri – The Most Complete Hose Manufacture in Indonesia. The dredging industry demands higher efficiency and bigger capacity as the scale of reclamation works and Dredging hose. Dredging works has […]

Hose with floaters

Floating Hose – Dredging Knowledge

Garansi dijamin karena floater terbuat dari material : PIGMEN GELCOAT + ANTI UV (Penahan retak karena panas sinar matahari yang terus menerus) STRAWMATT CLOTH (Penahan benturan / pecah karena gerakan ombak konsisten) WOFEN ROOFING RESIN RESISTANTE SALT (Anti garam yang memungkinkan floater tahan terhadap sifat garam dari air laut). HOTLINE: […]


Admiral Hose for High Pressure / Critical Application

Admiral Hose presented by Alfa Mandiri for certain application such as Oil Transfer Hose for cargo ships, Water Transfer for Industry, High Pressure Water jet applications.

Alfa Mandiri Complete Scope of Supply

Sunflex, Toyox, Alfagomma, MCR, Pascalart, Admiral Hose Stockist

We are not just supply, we are the most complete stockist in Indonesia. Send your inquirues to almand@almandhose.com and complete it with the service condition; pressure, temperature, type of end connections and of course size and length of the hose.


Toyox Complete Product Range

Are proper fittings or special fittings available for an individual hose? Fittings are available for some hoses. For safety, select our fittings. When generic nipples are used, refer to below notification: Always use the correct size nipple according to the hose Round the end of a volute fitting as much as […]